“Science has failed this world”


In the future, 33% of the human population will retire their cell phones and laptops in favor of a new technology which connects the human nervous system to the Internet. But something dark is coming to threaten this path of accelerating progress…

The optimistic future (where technology will solve all our problems, where digital eyes will process cynical data of an quantitative reality) and the techno-narcissism (with singularity as the self-realization of God, the final step of replacing the old God with a new version), imagined by many authors, are accompanied by the nightmare of a technological apocalypse (or technological nihilism, using Heidegger’s vocabulary). It seems that every time when people have beautiful dreams, they are accompanied by the dark shadow of some disastrous predictions. The hygienic aesthetics of our digital age meets the aesthetics of destruction and decay of a possible post-technological age.

Which is stronger: idolatry of hope or idolatry of destruction?

It is prohibited/or possible for humans to become God through science?

Where will the science of today lead us tomorrow?

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