Indoctrinate U

Indoctrinate_U_poster_newAmerican university campuses today are sites of homogeneous ideology called progressive liberalism/leftism, with its so called “policy of diversity”. Having access to all political, educational and administrative levels, these leftist intellectuals have established a complex system of supervision/militia according to what is called “political correctness”. Anyone who disagree with the official view/status quo about certain domains (sexual/gender/equality-diversity) became unfit, a possible threat, homophobic individual, racist, misogynist, etc..

A democratic education should not force-feed students opinions on controversial issues that teachers deem “politically correct.” It should create citizens who are able to figure out what conclusions they wish to draw on their own. This is the idea that lies at the heart of the existing academic freedom provisions of virtually every university in America; the failure to observe these provisions is the crux of the educational crisis that the Academic Bill of Rights seeks to address. (David Horowitz, Indoctrination U, Encounter Books, 2007. p. 49)

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