Me, me, me!

“Our cultural tendency is to surround ourselves with mirrors rather than windows” (Colin Duriez)

Have you ever heard slogans such as  “Yes, we can!” (Obama), “Brand Yourself!”, “Discover your genius!”, “You are so special!”, “Because you have more to show!” etc.? Well, if you did, then you are surrounded by narcissism with its “politics of happiness”. Take a look on this study about cultural narcissism (and its extensions in social-media, entertainment, politics, religion, education).

We recite in choir the mantra about how unique we are. The present nightmare of the cultural narcissism is the dark side of the American dream, that still lives in a meta-narrative discourses about individualism, the self-made man, and the world as a place of limitless opportunity. We claim to be independent but actually we need support, we think we are great, but we need to discover a sense of humility, perseverance, awareness …

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” (Walt Kelly alias “Pogo”)

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