The New Martyrs

A pair of animal lovers entered a kennel for 30 hours. For a $ 5 donation, visitors could take them for a brief “walk (details HERE). In the same period, Clayton Hodges, 15, locked himself inside a dog cage for 10 hours on Friday outside the Canadian Tire store in Abbotsford.

Hodges raised more than $1,700 towards his cause, bringing attention to animal cruelty. Putting himself inside a dog cage was his mechanism for getting that message out there. (Abbotsford Times, 23 August, 2011)

Even in our times we have martyrs caged for a cause. But I think that is a big, big difference between these causes. Our hypocrisy is unveiled even in what seems to be the most charitable action. Our reversal of values and anesthesia of our senses are completed! Unfortunately, we are too seduced by the shows of details to see the trend,  the precipice towards which we move …

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