How to take control over a society

“The most intolerant wins! The dictatorship of the small minority”(Nassim Nicolas Talib, Skin in the Game)

What V. I. Lenin, A. Hitler, S. Alinsky and M. Kirk have in common? The unwritten part of Karl Popper’s “The Open Society and Its Enemies”!

Reading the history of Fascists, Nazis and Communists, we can see some common strategies militant minorities used to impose their sectarian ideology as a state philosophy:

1. finding a cause that appeals to emotions

(fighting against oppression is the most appealing moral cause that automatically makes you an innocent and justify any action, it’s forbiden to talk about your own weaknesses, de-converts, etc.),

2. whitewashing their own narrative

(appealing to their innocence, suffering terrible injustices, erasing any privilege or social status that does not fit the narrative of oppresion)

while demonizing opponents’ worldview and actions

(a vengeful victim is the perfect soil for the creation of a new oppressor),

3. weaponizing their progressive position

(they are gnostic dualists – only the few ones can comprehend the complex dimensions of reality/justice; that’s why is important to emphasize their sectarian purity – neutrality/middle ground/shared wickened human condition are just another forms of oppression),

4. victimization

(they are the opressed ones, we do not share with anyone else our privilege to suffer the most terrific opression, ethic judgement is based on emotional categories such hate because there is no other philosophical foundation),

5. scapegoating

(there are only two possible options: to be on the progress side or to be reactionary, whatever is wrong now is because the majority is ignorant, reactionary, not educated enough),

6. the push/replication/control factor

(almost every sect has political ambitions to replicate, multiply and take control over the society as a the only way to impose a better society),

7. institutional sabotage to demand an institutional reinvigoration/revolution

(re-write history, glorify your fight for progress, diminish opponents’ virtues, blame, acuse, attack, etc.)

8. speech/vocabulary control

(controling the narrative means controlling people’s minds, the necessity of submission through compelled speech!),

9. institutional censorship,

(the long march through institutions is a nevessary step to the glorious goal of building a new society)

10. ideological control of science

(purify all remnants of “unscientific”/ “nonconforming”/”oppressive” science – ideological imperatives are what drive scientific advancement)

11. educational brainwashing

(school is seen not as a place of diversity but as a clone factory, controlling education means controlling families and the future of that society).

Is this what happened only with fascists, nazis or communists in the past?

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