The Russian Revolution as the first #Resist

100 years ago the first #Resist was experimented in Russia: fighting injustice, corruption and authoritarianism to bring to power an even more violent injustice, corruption and authoritarianism.

This new documentary (“The Russian Revolution, 2017, directed by Cal Seville), now on Netflix, explains the Russian Revolution through the lens of an personal war, one between two families: Lenin’s Ulyanovs and the Tzar’s Romanov (started on March 13, 1881 with the assasination of Alexader II and Lenin’s oldest brother – “Sasha” interest in opposing tzarist regime and joining a political revolutionary sect), a battle that will feature crimes, executions, and a feroucious desire of power. The entire course of history would be derailed and humanity will get prepared for Stalin, the supreme dictator who made the socialist brand /#Revolution (#Resist nowadays) to be oxymoronic, the maincore of socialist hypocrisy and mysticism.

(Donald Rayfield, author of “Stalin and His Hangmen”) Lenin understood it wasn’t your numbers that mattered, it wasn’t your popular support that mattered, you just paralyzed the country by occupying the key points, and then you take over.

(Victor Sebestyen, author of “Lenin. The Dictator”) Revolutions don’t happen from the dispossessed and the starving, it happen from the middle class, and it’s always been true.

(Rayfield) “The people’s will” was more of a mystic than an ideological association. The idea if we bring down the very top, they’ll be so terrified that the system will disintegrate and they’ll be a sort of peasant uprising out of which a new order will arise, but they had begun to read Marx. The trouble with reading Marx, of course, is Marx predicted the last place there’d be a revolution would be Russia.

(Sebestyen) On the biggest influences on Lenin, before he read Marx, was a novel by a guy called Nikolay Chernyshevsky called “What Is to be Done?” It’s a pretty lousy novel, but the hero is a selfless, devoted revolutionary who gives himself up to the cause and walks 20 miles a day, does 150 press-ups, abstain from alcohol. And he modeled himself on this character quite deliberately.

#Resist, but be careful what you wish for!

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