Words with Gods

Într-o lume deja aglomerată de atâtea lucruri care ne țin ocupați, zeii nu se lasă mai prejos și ne urmăresc în fiecare suflare primită sau risipită, în împletiturile de relații complicate din familii, în sate patriarhale precum și în metropole zgomotoase și anoste, în boală ca și în gimnastica unei vitalități efemere. Zeii sunt niște vecini nevăzuți și totuși aproape, poate prea aproape pentru unii, prea nevăzuți pentru alții.

Și totuși,  visul lui Voltaire se prelinge peste secole în așteptarea acelui moment în care zeii vor fi amuțit, epuizați și îngropați în cântul de neoprit al inventatorilor de noi zei…

Words with Gods (WWG) interested me because it is a most original and innovative film. It brings together filmmakers and believers of different religions and faiths in general as well as others who do not specifically identify with any dogma or doctrine at all.  Each filmmaker freely and with great autonomy deeply explored the subject; and in it, I see a rich diversity in creative expressions, each in their own way sharing their concerns. Perspectives about the supernatural or the afterlife are explored with the intention of showing a common human denominator.

Within this creative endeavor, my contribution was to reflect and give the nine pieces a certain order.  After talking with Guillermo Arriaga and our network of friends and filmmakers connected to WWG, we agreed on the idea of a chronological order – thus, the exposition of the 9 short films from the primitive to the most modern manifestations. WWG brings together different world experiences at varying stages of historical development to explore the past of many different cultures and civilizations – with truths and tales as told by the filmmakers that are anchored in reality but which are at the same time ephemeral.  In its totality, the film WWG, comprised of the stories by nine distinguished auteur global filmmakers, is as vast as is its potential to address issues which concern our shared humanity: faith, culture and belief systems. As a whole, WWG is a very expansive and ambitious project showing different approximations, variations and meditations of what the world might be beyond death, in the afterlife.

WWG is intentionally neutral and tolerant with the stories it shares. At the same time, it serves as witness and testimony to the perspectives and the plights depicted therein through the knowledge and cultural experiences of the filmmakers’ religion, geography, history and/or politics.  In its present order, even the last film, representative of atheism, contains deeply rooted religious aspects– the desire for another form of life, the desire for continuity beyond death. Even more fascinating is how religion can express a certain culture, preserve tradition, and live as these are embodied in poetry and the arts. In short, religion provides people of the world a certain way of being, living and sharing. (Curatorial Statement by Mario Vargas Llosa)


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