High Theory, Low Culture

Can someone compare the melodicity and harmony of Apocalyptica/Metallica with what is called now pop-music, Lady Gaga et. Co?

Much of recent popular culture appears as

  • permanent carnivalization (though “permanent” in the sense of permanently ephemeral, constantly changing),
  • focused on formations of pleasure,
  • promoting the chronotope type of the new humanity, very artificial —the youth idyll of the style magazine, for example, exhibits no teenage acne, no young people who are not thin and beautiful, no older artists or musicians, no youthful suicide, depression, or psychological breakdown except when angst and neurosis are chic. (p. 13)
  • with an anti-canonical attitude, very close to madness, hysteria, and paranoia (considering the pleasures of horror),
  • and simultaneous arousal of desire and frustration occurs via commodity fetishism,
  • doubtingabout distinction of gender and stimulating a pornographic imagination. (Mikita Brottman, High Theory, Low Culture, Palgrave Macmillan,  2005)

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