Searching for Electronic God? Start from your family!

technological fascination and totalitarianism,

wired  imagination,

mass-optimism, individual depression,

cheerful innovation,

obsessive repetition, glamorous manipulation,  lazy ecstasy and desires,  neurotic nightmares,

transparency,  surface, serial multiplication,

the Internet realm, all possible universes, digital jungle, new aesthetics,

democratic access, corporate control,

proletarian images and sounds, design addiction,

virtual hope, real hate,

unstable confidence, hyper-transparent love,

on-line parenting, virtual fellowship,


messianic expectations,

digital worship,

cultural soteriology,

Electronic God.

Painting: Generation Connections by Ted Wallace

How Technology is Influencing Families

Barna Group recently completed a study about the influence of technology in families, releasing the findings in a new digital report, The Family & Technology Report.

Highlights from the study included the following five findings:

1. Parents are just as dependent on technology as are teens and tweens.

2. Most family members, even parents, feel that technology has been a positive influence on their families.

3. Very few adults or youth take substantial breaks from technology.

4. Families experience conflict about technology, but not in predictable ways.

5. Few families have experienced—or expect—churches to address technology.

Details – HERE.

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