Silent Savor

Many of the folks who were waiting for the arrival of their Messiah wanted a warrior. They got something different. Different, but better. Different, but divine. Different, but necessary. God wouldn’t have had it any other way. In the same vein, we don’t want a hidden or silent God. We want Santa Claus. We want Houdini. We want Superman. We want a God who will get into the thick of things with us and immediately clean up our messes and pluck all of the bad events out of our otherwise good lives.

In this fallen world, while God doesn’t really sit on the sidelines thumbing through the funny pages and checking out our moves on the playing field of life every five minutes, he does allow life to run its course. Sure, it can be quite an ugly and treacherous course sometimes, but God’s presence is with us. He is with us. And he doesn’t have to do magic tricks or orchestrate the miraculous to prove his existence, his care, or his love for us. Many of us have a hard time accepting that truth.

(A. J. Gregory. Silent Savior: Daring to Believe He’s Still There, Revell, 2009, p. 25)


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