Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation

În epoca meta-realităţii mediatice, devenim simpli cobai cotizanţi. În ciuda fermecătoarelor etichete și a menevrelor stilistice cu care se autoamăgesc tinerii, spiritul lor ”rebel” e bine înhămat la carul propagandei. Nimic nou sub soare! … poate doar pretențiile arogante sunt mai mari, de aceea și auto-amăgirea va fi pe măsură. Vorba lui Frédéric Beigbeder:

Trăim în primul sistem de exploatare a omului de către om, împotriva căruia până şi libertatea este neputincioasă. În schimb, el mizează totul pe libertate, asta e cea mai mare găselniţă a lui. Orice critică îi conferă rolul pozitiv, orice pamflet întăreşte iluzia toleranţei sale mieroase. Vă supune cu eleganţă. Totul e îngăduit, nimeni nu vine să te porcăiască dacă dai totul cu cracii-n sus. Sistemul şi-a atins scopul: însăşi nesupunerea a ajuns o formă de supunere (199.000 lei, p. 3).

Barack Obama este exemplul cât se poate de clar despre cum se poate pompa iluzii perfide unei generații care își face titlu de glorie din independență și spirit critic, dar este credulă și fanatică în expresia aroganței sale. Cartea lui Jason Mattera, ”Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation” (Threshold Editions, New York, 2010) este o bună documentare despre super-excitația liberală a celor ce excelează în descrierea fabricii de idoli ale altora, dar nu-și pot descrie propria industrie idolatră.

Ciudate vremuri am ajuns când contra-cultura este exprimată împotriva tiraniei senilității liberalismului fancy, dar tâmp!

This book is a countercultural statement. It is out of step with the thoughts of many of my generation, and that is precisely why this book matters. This is a book for every freethinking, freedom-loving person who is fed up with the left’s lobotomy of a gen- eration. Ours must be a generation that stands athwart history yelling, “Hey, jackass! Get your government off my freedom!”
Some believe it’s too late, that the legions of Obama Zombies are beyond awakening. I don’t. I believe they can be revived. I’m an optimist. But I’m also a realist. It will take jolting the Obama Zombies of our world with facts, the kind of facts that sappy, hyperemotional liberalism loathes. Evidence, logic, thinking–those are liberalism’s gravest threats (p. XII).

What is an Obama Zombie?
Glad you asked.
Rewind to the night of the 2008 election. Obama’s victory wasn’t just political; to many young people, it wrought salvation. Supporting Barack during the election was one thing. But him defeating John McCain?
Oh gracious God!
After Obama was pronounced the victor, throngs of students at Maine’s Bowdoin College huddled in a circle; some hands were held, others were raised to the sky (from whence Dear Leader descended) as they collectively wept, bowed their heads, and sang . . . “Amazing Grace.” We were the “wretches,” once blind and lost, until B.H.O. opened our eyes with his outstretched rod touching the land. How sweet the sound indeed!
As one patchouli-smelling hippie on campus exhorted, “It’s definitely the most spiritual experience I’ve had in a while.”1 Meeting Ozzy Osbourne in the flesh was her previous one.
Hyperemotional reactions were everywhere.
In what can only be described as an O-gasm, one Florida female student proclaimed, “It’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been in my entire life. I seriously think I had an emotional seizure or something. My whole body seized up. I couldn’t breathe. It’s like I really mattered. . . . I picked the president! That was me! . . . I think I’m in love with America right now!”2
Outside the White House, legions of young people organized an impromptu rally through text messaging and word of mouth. By the time it concluded, they all needed new underwear.
One young lady, holding an Obama balloon, proclaimed that B.H.O. was going to bring “peace to everybody in the world.” (pp. IX-X)

Being a liberal is easy. Promising every constituency under the sun “free” goodies (otherwise known as goodies paid for by you!) takes little effort, except for the ability to lie one’s you-know-what off.
Smashing the Obama cult is going to take a united effort.
Can we awaken our generation of Obama Zombies?
“Yes, we can!” (p. 207)

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