The end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle

  1 comment for “The end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle

  1. em
    July 16, 2011 at 4:17 am

    Ce spune nenea asta in video mi-a adus aminte de melodia “Big Eraser” a lui Phil Keaggy (a 9a din albumul asta:

    Everyone’s rewriting history,
    Let history speak for itself.
    When history repeats itself
    Better listen up cause it don’t lie.

    Everyone is seeing history
    As redesigned through their own eyes.

    And in the end all of these trends
    Will be revealed by the author of history.

    History, reciting history,
    Forbidden fruit upon their breath.
    Don’t you know the taste is sweet
    But it’s got a bitter end
    A painful cavity, the consequence.

    Take back your big eraser.
    Your magic truth replacer.
    Hands off those retouched photos.
    I don’t think we will need those.

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