How I found God and peace with my atheist brother: Peter Hitchens

Spuneam cu altă ocazie (Despre ateismul funcţional şi ateismul nominal) că ar fi foarte interesant un studiu comparativ al convertirii la ateism a unor foşti creştini, împreună însă cu întoarcerea la Dumnezeu a unor atei. Astăzi, citind pe blogul Pe scara Cerului (mulţumesc autorului, cu această ocazie, pentru informaţiile foarte folositoare, pe care le găsesc pe blogul lui), am dat peste o mărturie a întoarcerii la Hristos, făcută de fratele celebrului popularizator al ateismului, Ch. Hitchens.

Iată un fragment din articolul How I found God and peace with my atheist brother: Peter Hitchens traces his journes back to Christianity:

During his teenage years and early 20s, Peter Hitchens lost his faith and rebelled against everything he had been brought up to believe in. Here, in a moving and thought-provoking account from his controversial new book, he describes his spiritual journey back to God – and the end of his feud with his brother

I set fire to my Bible on the playing fields of my Cambridge boarding school one bright, windy spring afternoon in 1967. I was 15 years old. The book did not, as I had hoped, blaze fiercely and swiftly.

Only after much blowing and encouragement did I manage to get it to ignite at all, and I was left with a disagreeable, half-charred mess.

Most of my small invited audience drifted away long before I had finished, disappointed by the anticlimax and the pettiness of the thing. Thunder did not mutter.

It would be many years before I would feel a slight shiver of unease about my act of desecration. Did I then have any idea of the forces I was trifling with?

Întreg articolul poate fi citit AICI.

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